Dr. Gonzalez is an avid reader of scientific literature as well as fiction and a lifelong student. She also values the importance of storytelling as it is in the telling of one’s story where tipping points in health can be identified and where true healing can begin.

 Dr. Gonzalez’ carefully listens to the stories her patients share, with an open heart and intuition, carrying these gifts with her as she retells these stories back to her patients so that they may begin to appreciate their own strengths and resilience and reclaim their health and wellbeing.

She enjoys creating individualized treatment approaches based on her patient’s history, biomarkers, and with the use of comprehensive testing.

Her clinical passions are metabolic health, Nutrigenomic and Nutrigenetics, Cardiovascular health, Hormone balance and environmentally acquired illness.  

Conditions Dr. Rachael Gonzalez Treats:

  • Hormone Health – Adrenal, Thyroid and Reproductive Health

  • Autoimmune conditions such as Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, Multiple Sclerosis

  • Gastrointestinal conditions such as SIBO, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease)

  • Neurological Conditions such as Migraine, Multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s

  • Total Toxin Load – Heavy Metal, Mold myotoxicity, Environmental toxicity

  • Mind/body Medicine – Meditation, Heart Rate variability training

  • Allergies/Eczema/Asthma

  • Metabolic conditions – PCOS, Pre-diabetes, Diabetes, Hypothyroidism

About Dr. Rachael Gonzalez, MD

Medical Director

Dr. Gonzalez is a native Californian who was born in Los Angeles. She is child of Mexican immigrants and the first in her family to enroll in university.

She attended Harvard College and graduated with honors with a degree in Biology. She graduated from the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine and completed her Family Practice residency at Riverside General Hospital.

Dr. Gonzalez' first medical community was in San Antonio, Texas. While establishing her first practice, she provided volunteer medical services for the St. Vincent DePaul Community Clinic. Dr. Gonzalez also served as the Medical Director for Urgent Care Services for the Methodist Hospital system.

In 1996, she relocated to the Pacific Northwest to join a hospital-owned primary care network. As an employed physician in large organizations, Dr. Gonzalez was a strong advocate for Quality Improvement and a champion of chronic disease management programs including the Washington State Diabetes Collaborative. Ultimately however, she saw that medicine delivered in these settings was not remotely meeting her standards for individualized, patient-focused care.

In 2005 she opened her solo practice Paradigm Family Medicine. Her mission statement was “The Care you need when you need it”. It was a high touch/high tech practice. In 2010 Dr. Gonzalez began training in Functional Medicine and completed the Institute for Functional Medicine’s Certification process in 2014. With the lens of Functional medicine, she developed integrative and evidence-based treatment plans that provided her patients the tools to optimize their wellbeing. In 2015, Dr. Gonzalez was among the first group of physicians in the nation to become board certified in the specialty of Integrative Medicine.  

Dr. Gonzalez moved back to Los Angeles in late 2016 and opened the Downtown Los Angeles office for One Medical. There she was given the opportunity to do functional medicine testing but was alone in the organization in delivering this type of care. She joined Parsley Health in 2018 and there served as Medical Director of the Los Angeles Center and later was asked to serve as National Director of Learning and Development. In this capacity she helped create a functional medicine fellowship curriculum to help onboard new hires particularly those new to functional and integrative medicine. Dr. Gonzalez mentored providers and staff and created blog articles for the organization. 

Dr. Gonzalez has always placed a high premium on her relationships with her patients and the individuals who assist her in the delivery of care. She believes that her patient’s story holds the key to their healing and by actively listening she can create a path to health and improved vitality. 

Dr. Gonzalez is an avid reader and enjoys traveling, music, dramatic and visual art. She has started Pilates instructor training and practices Pilates daily. She is strongly committed to promoting the health of her patients by example as she enjoys exercise and cooking for family and friends.

Dr. David and the entire Integrative Wellness Fx team are passionate about sharing their expertise to empower you with knowledge supportive of your holistic health & lifestyle.

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