Remote Neurofeedback

Neurofeedback, or EEG biofeedback, is a non-invasive neurotherapy which helps you train your brain so you can enhance your brain health and improve your performance. It’s kind of like exercise, but for your brain!

It uses EEG technology to measure your brainwave activity and provide feedback in real time. This insight into your brain activity can help you have more control over reaching your goals.

It has been used in clinics for decades to improve performance and enhance overall wellbeing and alleviate symptoms of ADHD, PTSD, anxiety, traumatic brain injuries, and more.


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How it Works

Myndlift is a clinical caliber system, built and implemented in clinical practice with the help of hundreds of mental health and neurofeedback practitioners worldwide.

Electrical signals generated in the brain can reflect your current mental state. We use EEG to measure this brain activity in real time.

Our hardware then separates the raw brain activity into distinct brainwaves that may be associated with a particular mental state. For example, alpha brainwaves usually signify a relaxed, focused state.

After an assessment, your Neuro Coach will create an individualized plan with a custom neurofeedback protocol given your current mental state and goals. For example: If someone is having trouble focusing, we would train their alpha waves to be stronger. Or if someone is overwhelmed and stressed, we would down-train their high beta waves to be weaker.

Train your brain by playing specialized games. When your brainwaves are in the target range, you will advance in the game.

Train your brain simply while watching your favorite videos on Netflix, YouTube and other popular streaming platforms. When brainwaves are not in range, the video will become blurry and audio will be hard to hear. But when your brainwaves are in range, the video becomes clear and the audio becomes loud and crisp.

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Neurofeedback Benefits

Train Remotely

Traditionally, neurofeedback required frequent visits to a clinic, making it costly and time-consuming. Now thanks to new technology, there’s an easy-to-use, remote neurofeedback system that makes it possible to train anywhere using a wireless headset and mobile games and videos.

Your Own Support System

The Integrative Wellness Fx team will guide you on your journey to reach your training goals, customize a training plan just for you, and ensure that you stay on track. The Integrative Wellness Team will be by your side throughout your training journey to lend a friendly, helping hand.

About the Remote Neurofeedback Program

This program gives you your own advanced EEG device that you can use for the rest of your life, which allows you to do UNLIMITED neurofeedback training during the treatment period from the convenience of home.

To get started, we offer a 3-month all-inclusive program that includes:

  • Muse 2 EEG headband with added golden flex electrode.
  • 3 months of unlimited neurofeedback.
  • Monthly sessions with a neurofeedback expert.
  • EEG Brain Scans & Reports to assess progress & modify treatment.

Typically, our competitors will charge $100+ for each session in office with a minimum of 30-40 sessions required for optimal results. That’s almost $4000 Dollars! With our Integrative Wellness Fx Neurofeedback sessions, you can experience all the benefits of premium neurofeedback for $1100 and that too from the convenience of your home.

Please contact the Integrative Wellness Fx team on how you can get started.

We are happy to contact you personally to answer your questions and make sure this technology is a good fit for your needs.

Begin Your Journey to Better Focus and Wellbeing.

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