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With so many factors now weighing down on our health, we must be more aggressive and address it from multiple angles. We utilize the true plethora of therapies and technologies available – ranging from ancient natural medicines to emerging energy modalities, peptide therapy, and liposomal nanoparticle delivery systems.

While natural medicine can be profoundly powerful, just because it's natural doesn't mean that it's actually addressing the root cause of illness. So often, patients come to us on a multitude of supplements, on strict diets and exercise regimens, etc...yet they are still struggling fiercely with their health. There is a better way, but we must dive deeper.

Integrative Wellness Fx will actually help unravel the cascade of conditions that have caused illness at the root, design an individualized treatment plan accordingly, and empower you through diet/lifestyle education to maintain your health going forward with ease and cost-efficiency.

Functional Medicine is an evolution in the practice of medicine that better addresses the health care needs of the 21st century by shifting the traditional disease-centered focus to a patient-centered approach that looks at all aspects of the well-being of an individual by supporting their mind, body, and spirit. 

What is Functional Medicine?

The Solution: How to Heal

Understanding Chronic Illnesses
with Dr. David Morcom

The Problem: Why People Are So Sick

Neurofeedback, or EEG biofeedback, is a non-invasive neurotherapy which helps you train your brain so you can enhance your brain health and improve your performance. It's kind of like exercise, but for your brain!

Remote Neurofeedback Program

optimize brain health

The Vibrant Live CommUnity Cleanse is a nine-week comprehensive program designed to repair and reset the roots systems of the body.

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Dr. David and the entire Integrative Wellness Fx team are passionate about sharing their expertise to empower you with knowledge supportive of your holistic health & lifestyle.

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