Integrative Wellness Fx aims to guide you to do the deep work necessary to reset the root systems of the body, which, in turn, will enhance your resilience to the chaotic and stressful world around you. We should be able to cheat on our diet and dabble in the joyful extremes of life at times without health repercussions. This is true health.

Our Vision for Optimal Health and Well-Being

Functional Medicine practitioners spend time with their patients listening to their histories and examining interactions among genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors that can influence long-term health and complex, chronic diseases. Thus, Functional Medicine supports each individual's unique expression of health and vitality.

what's unique about functional medicine

Dr. David Morcom and his team of Functional Medicine practitioners incorporate the newest research in herbalism, nutrition, bioenergetics, advanced technologies, and lifestyle optimization. With an integrative and holistic approach, they aim to understand each patient as a whole and their condition at its root.


About Integrative Wellness Fx

Sarah Weaver, FNP-C, HN-BC, IFMCP, is a certified Holistic Nurse and Functional Nurse Practitioner whose unique experience drives her advocacy for her clients. She is passionate about coaching her clients to reach their highest level of well-being. Sarah values being approachable, encouraging, and attentive in her client encounters.

Sarah Weaver,

Rachael Gonzalez, MD is board certified in Family Medicine and Integrative Medicine. She is a Certified Functional Medicine Provider through the Institute for Functional Medicine and is a Diplomate of the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine. She is passionate about teaching and collaborating with her patients to help them achieve the harmony and balance they need to heal and optimize their health.


Dr. David Morcom, is a practitioner of Functional Medicine, fusing his background in modern pharmacology and the newest research in herbs, nutrition, bioenergetics, and lifestyle optimization. With an integrative and holistic approach, he aims to understand each client as a whole and their condition at its root.

Functional Nurse

Our Qualified Practitioners

Dr. David Morcom,


Medical Director

Kelly Bach, FMHC, is an educator and health coach who is passionate about holistic health, food as medicine, mindfulness and functional medicine. With a bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary studies and 700 hrs of yoga teacher training, she brings 10 years of education experience to her clients.


Functional Medicine
Health Coach

Nura Alsarrawi is our Existing Patient Coordinator for Integrative Wellness Fx.

She has a background in Psychology, Human Resources and Business management from the University of North Texas.

She uses her experiences to support patients on the journey by making sure they are guided as they take steps on to their new journey with their Practitioners.

She’s inspired every moment by Dr.Morcom’s Holistic approach to health and wellness, his dedication fuels her love of this vision of healing. In her free time you can see her immersing herself in multiple facets of knowledge, grounding in nature, tending to her plants, garden and traveling the world.


Chris Campbell is our New Patient Coordinator for Integrative Wellness Fx.

Chris guides each new patient through the boarding process to prepare for their appointment and gets them affiliated with the benefits of functional medicine.

He takes time with each new patient to hear their needs and explore the options that Integrative Wellness Fx can provide them.

An avid musician and artist of many years, Chris knows how to listen and add the notes needed to make a collective composition come to life.

Patients come to him a lot of times with a lot of pieces of the puzzle to their health and he helps them see how our practitioners can help them bring those pieces together into a composition of a healthy lifestyle tailored specifically for them. He has a heart of service and loves helping people find their way to health and wellness.


Kendra Suell is our Clinic Manager for Integrative Wellness Fx.

She has a background in developing clinic processes and procedures that focus on refining patient care and optimizing administration practices.

Kendra has a passion for creating systems that bring efficiency to the various job responsibilities of her team members, giving them more time and energy to focus on offering patients the best service possible.

She has a deep-rooted love for holistic health and healing, and with Integrative Wellness Fx, she believes she can make a long lasting positive impact. Kendra has an unwavering devotion towards deepening her spiritual practices of yoga and Buddhist meditation while exploring the transformative potency of wisdom from various ancient spiritual traditions.

Existing Patient Coordinator

Our Administrative Team


Clinic Manager

New Patient Coordinator

Dr. David and the entire Integrative Wellness Fx team are passionate about sharing their expertise to empower you with knowledge supportive of your holistic health & lifestyle.

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