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With all orders please remember to specify:

  1. The name of the supplement
  2. The brand of the supplement
  3. The number of bottles you would like to order. If no quantity is specified, admin staff will assume you only need one.

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By ordering directly from the office, supplements are sent directly to your address, with free shipping and handling for all orders over $100. For orders less than $100 a $10 shipping charge will be applied.

  • Medical Foods, Bone Broth and Protein Powders for convenient sources of diet-compliant nutrition
  • Caffeine Substitutes and Adaptogenic Superfoods
  • Sleep, Stress, and Anxiety Support
  • Microbial Overgrowth Support
  • Immunity Enhancement
  • Antibiotic Damage Control

For current patients, we use Fullscript to prescribe customized supplement protocols based on your symptoms, history, genetics, and advanced lab work. You will have access to hundreds of top-tier professional nutraceutical brands for whatever else you may need. There is also a “Protocols” section at the top where Dr. Morcom has created very specific protocols to address common issues and provide general support for one’s healing journey.

Dr. David and the entire Integrative Wellness Fx team are passionate about sharing their expertise to empower you with knowledge supportive of your holistic health & lifestyle.

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