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When exploring different healthcare options, people often wonder if functional medicine and integrative medicine are the same. While they share some foundational principles, each approach possesses unique characteristics that distinguish them.  Your health situation is unique, so you deserve a healthcare approach that serves your needs best. Understanding the differences between functional doctors and integrative […]

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Often overlooked by conventional medicine, detoxing is a key component of health and wellness. Our bodies are constantly exposed to environmental and synthetic toxins, making it difficult to maintain energy and avoid chronic symptoms. Functional medicine practices like Integrative Wellness FX offer the latest in holistic detox technology. We pair liposomal nanoparticle technology with personalized […]

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While all the principles and importance of gut health are becoming more commonplace to the general public, there is often a non-digestive system related issue that is actually the culprit. Toxicity is a hidden cause in many of these cases.  All the supplements, restricted diets, aloe vera and probiotics in the world, won’t fix many […]

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Elixirs have been prized and sought-after throughout history. Many cultures recount stories about the pursuit for the elixir of life – a liquid concoction supreme that would give man eternal life by curing all diseases and prevent aging itself.

DNA testing

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With genetic testing, we are able to analyze the DNA of a person to establish their theoretical disposition towards disease based on the presence of genetic variants called Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs).

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